A Day in the Life

Two Questions

What are you working on?

Ok, I know you’re being polite and/or showing genuine interest when you ask this question. But honestly sometimes I am too exhausted and/or overwhelmed to coherently string together words that will both impress and intrigue you. Can we just skip to the part where you are impressed and intrigued? I already think you’re polite and interested. So we really don’t have to do the thing where you act interested and I act like I’m not thinking about the mountain of research and writing that needs to be done. . .or chocolate.

What do you do in your spare time?

Insert blank stare and unnatural pause as I search my memory bank for an answer to that question. First, there’s that misguided assumption that I have this thing called spare time. Second, there’s that misguided assumption that I have this thing called spare time. Ok, ok. I do have time outside of school and all that it entails. But, I hate to tell you, the things I do outside of school are not significantly less nerdy than what I do in school. Mainly I read non-school related books and think of ways that I can do more research (in other words figure out how to maximize my time and concentrate energy). I’m sure you were looking for an answer that the average, everyday person on the street would find interesting. So, let’s see. . .in my spare time, I’ve been training for a half marathon, trying different restaurants in DC, and looking through museums (Looking is the most accurate descriptor because I am certainly not reading all the text that museums present.).

Here’s the sad but true truth. Yesterday, a colleague of mine and I were talking about how we should get together soon and have some fun. Then, we realized for us to have some fun we must first figure out what fun is. Lol.

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