Verbally Effective

Verbally Effective with Ena Esco is an interview-style podcast that intersects art, culture, politics and entertainment with a Memphis focus. Each week your host, Ena Esco, is joined by a featured artist, entertainer, elected official, or young professional with roots in Memphis. Verbally Effective delves into each guest’s personal journey to uncover the incredible stories fueling their purpose, the highs and lows of their pursuits, and how through their passion they are moving the culture forward.

Since 2018, the Verbally Effective podcast has garnered over 500 subscribers across 50 countries and averages 3,000 downloads per week. In 2020, the podcast was selected to showcase at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

As producer, I apply my background training in journalism and other media production to the podcast format. I find guests who fit the vision of the podcast, research their impact on the community, and prepare interview questions. I also assist in organizing our community events, including live podcasts and podcaster meet- ups.

To learn more about my role as Producer for the Verbally Effective podcast, check out our feature in the Daily Memphian, “Verbally Effective podcast looks at people shaping ‘new Memphis.'”